AlphaPoint to Secure Blockchain Assets with Intel

Blockchain solutions provider AlphaPoint has partnered with technology giant Intel on a new security solution for digital assets. As a result of the deal, AlphaPoint will release a new virtual machine offering, called the TrustedVM, to be backed by Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGXs). It’s the latest instance in which Intel’s security-focused solution has been utilized… Read More »

Nasdaq Awarded Patent for Blockchain Data Matching System

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded exchange operator Nasdaq a patent for a proposed blockchain-based data matching system. First filed in February, the patent describes a data transfer and logging system, with a blockchain used to track trades and clearing positions. The patent application was originally published in August and names Sweden-based Johan Toll and… Read More »

Bank Consortium to Launch Joint Venture for Blockchain Trade Platform

A consortium of banks is planning to launch a joint business venture for its in-development blockchain commerce platform. Aiming to ease European domestic and cross-border trade, the Digital Trade Chain group is building a distributed ledger framework that connects a buyer, sellers, banks and intermediaries to simplify transaction management and tracking. To that end, the consortium… Read More »

Broadridge Pilots Blockchain for Repo Trades With French Banks

Broadridge Financial Solutions has completed a blockchain pilot with two French banks aimed at recording the details of bilteral repurchase, or repo, agreements. The U.S.-based investor services firm worked with Natixis and Societe Generale on the pilot, which Broadridge said had demonstrated a distributed ledger’s benefits for this kind of transaction. Specifically, those benefits include… Read More »

UBS Tells Clients How to Place Bets on Blockchain Tech

UBS has some advice for investors looking to capture the rising interest in blockchain: invest in the companies that will spur adoption or be among the first to apply the tech. The financial services firm’s new report, “Cryptocurrencies – Beneath the bubble,” dives into both cryptocurrencies and wider applications of blockchain in the enterprise space.… Read More »

Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee: Blockchain Builders Should Beware Misuse

“Be careful. Think.” Said by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, best known for inventing the World Wide Web, this statement of caution cut to the heart of his whirlwind talk at Ripple’s Swell conference in Toronto today. During the keynote, Berners-Lee recounted his time creating the web, leaving attendees with takeaways for the blockchain industry. Citing recent controversies… Read More »

Swiss City of Zug Backs Blockchain Asset Trade Group

The government of the Canton of Zug is supporting a newly launched trade group that aims to promote the use of blockchain technology in the asset management industry. Announced during the first annual M-0 blockchain conference in Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley,” the Multichain Asset Management Association (MAMA) comprises of 20 companies at inauguration, including Melonport, ConsenSys… Read More »

BNP, EY Complete Blockchain Trial for Internal Treasury Operations

BNP Paribas and “Big Four” accounting firm EY have completed a trial aimed to see if private blockchain technology could improve the bank’s global internal treasury operations. The blockchain system was put through internal testing by BNP’s ALM Treasury department earlier this summer. According to a statement, the “successful” trial proved the potential of the private… Read More »

Top Secret? Microsoft Opens Door to Government Blockchain Use

The U.S. government’s most sensitive data could soon be secured on a blockchain. Revealed today at Microsoft’s Government Cloud Forum 2017 in Washington D.C., the tech giant is launching Azure Government Secret – a service designed to provide government agencies better access to cloud computing. In doing so, however, Microsoft is notably opening the door… Read More »

JPMorgan Integrates Zcash Privacy Tech Into Enterprise Blockchain

Now you see it, now you don’t. The development firm behind the privacy-focused public blockchain zcash has announced the first integration of its zero-knowledge security layer (ZSL) into an enterprise blockchain, with JPMorgan today revealing it has added the functionality to its Quorum blockchain. Derived from zcash’s zk-snarks technology, the code now integrated into Quorum… Read More »